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Synaptec is the leading developer of distributed electrical instrumentation for high-voltage industries. We offer a range of electrical and mechanical sensing solutions, and powerful analytics and decision support software. Our core platforms are Refase, Synchromerger, and Synthesis, which together form a powerful range of full-stack power instrumentation solutions.

Core functionality   
30+ measurements per fibre
60 km / 40 mile range
Compliant with IEC standards
Multi-section protection instrumentation
Wide-area synchronous data and analysis 
Data logging, visualisation, and analytics  
Sensor options   
Strain / elongation 
IEC 61850 / 61869
Auto-reclose (AR) block
C37.118 synchrophasors 
Continuous point-on-wave (CPOW) 
Real-time power quality (PQ) 
Correlated electro-mechanical data 
Data visualisation  
High-quality data logging  
Long-term trend analytics  

Introduction to our technology
Refase™ – multi-zone protection instrumentation
Synchromerger™ – synchronous real-time measurements
Synthesis™ – instrumentation & analysis platform

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