Synaptec is a highly innovative company based in the centre of Glasgow, UK. We develop and manufacture the world’s first scalable and passive electrical sensor networks.

This includes both the hardware and analytics software to measure voltage, current, temperature, vibration, strain and humidity over unprecedented distances and numbers of locations. Our systems reduce and even prevent the number and duration of power outages which can cost millions of pounds.

“Synaptec’s technology represents a unique opportunity to substantially reduce costs and improve the robustness of protection and monitoring of electricity transmission system.”

Craig McTaggart, Transmission Network Manager at Scottish Power

Synaptec’s approach is to rapidly adapt this groundbreaking technology to meet very exacting, but often bespoke, customer requirements. This ranges from digitalisation programs for major substations, to predictive maintenance data for HV equipment in offshore windfarms, enabling lower cost new grid connections, monitoring the build-up of ice on overhead power lines, to reducing lost passenger minutes on railways.

In every case, our core technology is used to improve the management of infrastructure which is critical to the dependable supply of power for millions of customers. And this is only possible because we listen carefully, understand the engineering challenge, and deliver practical solutions fast and effectively.

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