Light-speed awareness of electrical networks

UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017 Winner

Sense your power network, using existing hardware, at light speed.

Synaptec reduces power transmission, distribution and renewable generation costs by reducing outages, preventing damage, and minimizing civil works. We provide instrumentation, based on our patented technologies, that utilises existing optical fibers installed within power systems to enhance network visibility and fault response.

Synaptec Ltd: What We Do

Our unique technology measures voltage, current, temperature, and vibration over long distances, at multiple locations, without power supplies, and using only a single standard optical fiber. By reducing costs while improving sensor coverage, we enhance protection and monitoring functions to maximise the stability of power networks and renewable generation.

In recognition of our vision and capability, we were recently awarded Best Offshore Renewables Innovation at the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017. We are proud to say that we’re a Living Wage Employer.

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