Synaptec radically enhances power system protection, automation, and asset management using innovative light-speed technology easily deployed on existing infrastructure.

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Our light-based technology easily integrates with existing power utility infrastructure – learn how


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Synaptec has signed two new partnership agreements which will see increased availability of our unique passive sensor technology across both…
Recently, Synaptec was granted patent protection of an invention we’ve named Synchromerger. Both its development and the granting of the…
Synaptec’s technology is being deployed to address the trilemma of challenges of Nepal’s rapid electrification, bringing affordable,…

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Dec ’20
Learn how Synaptec’s unique passive sensor networks simplify and improve instrumentation for electrical protection and asset management in…
Dec ’20
Find out how Synaptec’s Overhead Line Monitoring provides an unmatched range, reliability, ease of installation, and delivers Real-Time…