Synchromerger™ is Synaptec’s centralised solution for instrumenting power networks.

Benefitting from Synaptec’s passive photonic sensing technology, Synchromerger™ gathers, processes, and streams high-quality, continuous point-on-wave (CPOW) and synchrophasor data from up to 30 measurements per 60 km / 37 miles of optical fibre. By centralising the interrogation of multiple distant measurements using passive photonic technology, the cost and latency issues associated with traditional phasor measurement unit (PMU) data networks is eliminated.

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Steven Blair

Steven Blair

Head of Power Systems Technologies

Measurement data is delivered as real-time CPOW streams and is processed in realtime into live synchrophasor and power quality information, to provide greater visibility and actionable insights anywhere on a power network. By supporting a mix of passive electrical and mechanical sensing, Synchromerger™ can also be deployed to provide precise, live monitoring of overhead lines and cable systems to support Real-Time Thermal Rating and capacity monitoring over wide areas of network.


It can be combined with Synthesis™ to automatically enable condition-based maintenance for stronger network resilience, post-event analysis, increasing visibility of remote assets, and verification of accurate network models. Synchromerger™ includes all the features and benefits of Refase™ and is fully compatible with the suite of Synaptec electrical and mechanical sensors.

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Interrogator cover


Photonic voltage transducer (PVT) cover

Photonic voltage transducer (PVT)

Refase™ Photonic current transducer (PCT) cover

Photonic current transducer (PCT)

Secondary connected module (SCM) cover

Passive Secondary Converter (PSC)

Photonic current and voltage transducer (PCVT) cover

Photonic current and voltage transducer (PCVT)

Photonic strain transducer (PST) cover

Photonic strain transducer (PST)

Photonic temperature transducer (PTT) cover

Photonic temperature transducer (PTT)


Cable condition monitoring

Wide area multi-ended differential protection

Rail infrastructure monitoring

Offshore cable connection monitoring

Distributed power quality (DPQ) monitoring

Electrical stress monitoring

Holistic offshore cable monitoring

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