07 – 10 March | 2022, Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, United Kingdom

As the modern grid adapts to decarbonisation – with elevated levels of renewable penetration, a diverse range of generation types, and the wider distribution of generation sources – new challenges and uncertainties have been introduced into the power system. DPSP focuses on the developments needed to address these uncertainties, providing end-users with up-to-date knowledge and access to the latest technologies and thinking.

Saul Matthews, our Head of Commercial Development and Professor Campbell Booth, our Applications Director will be attending the event and supporting Mohseen Mohemmed, Protection & Control Engineering Manager at SSE plc, who will be presenting on our collaborative work on ‘Differential Protection of Multi-Ended Transmission Circuits using Passive, Time-Synchronised Distributed Sensors’. This presentation will run in Session 13B on Thursday 10 March 2022. You can read the abstract here.
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