Synaptec is to develop its novel measurement technology as part of a Network Innovation Allowance project supported by the UK electricity network operators Scottish Power Transmission and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission.

The Network Innovation Allowance (NIA), administered by the UK energy regulator, Ofgem, allows network operators to fund technical, commercial, or operational projects that have the potential to deliver financial benefits to the network and its customers. This project will aim to underpin substantial reductions in various costs associated with grid instrumentation, including expenditure on telecommunication systems, wiring and copper, civil infrastructure, and the energy usage associated with the measurement systems themselves.

Synaptec’s Managing Director, Dr Philip Orr, said:

“We are pleased to be undertaking key technical development with the support of two of the UK’s major electricity network operators. This project will ensure that Synaptec makes a strong contribution to reducing the costs associated with energy supply in the UK and to realising a more intelligent electricity network.”

Publically-available information on this project may be found at the Energy Network Association website: