Synaptec are delighted to announce the results of a recent Climate Impact Forecast report produced by Impact Forecast and commissioned by Scottish Enterprise to evaluate the products of high-growth companies.

Performed by an impartial impact expert, a Climate Impact Forecast is an Life Cycle Assessment based calculation of the greenhouse gas reduction or climate adaptation potential of a product. Using verified databases and an approved methodology,  the net climate impact of the key differences between ‘business as usual’ operation and use of an innovative solution are analysed.

The case study for the report was based on the use of Synaptec sensors in offshore wind arrays to provide remote monitoring of cable and termination health. Using our technology to provide continuous remote online cable health monitoring, we aim to reduce turbine inspections twice a year by 25%, unplanned maintenance events by 50%, as well as shortening the duration of annual campaigns for detailed cable inspections by 50%. Overall, this reduces diesel fuel use by approximately 50% compared to the baseline behaviour.

In doing this, a reduction of -76,395 kg CO₂ eq per turbine string can be achieved.

“Synaptec enables wind farm operators to produce sustainable energy not only more efficiently but also to reduce even more CO₂ while maintaining their systems. This has a direct impact but also has a systemic impact by making wind farms more competitive.”

The report concludes that our monitoring solutions could have a very significant impact on the CO₂ associated with inspection and maintenance of offshore cable networks, primarily by reducing the volume of diesel fuel consumed by vessels when inspections are done manually and more regularly.

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