Synaptec has been nominated for an Offshore Innovation Award, which the entry for will be presented by Saul Matthews, head of business development, at the 16th Hamburg Offshore Wind Conference, prior to judging.

It’s the first time the conference has offered such an award, which seeks to showcase the very best in offshore wind innovation across the offshore sector and those that have the biggest potential to reduce costs in design, maintenance, and installation.

In Synaptec’s case, one distributed sensor technology system delivers savings across capital, income, and O&M costs making it one of the most effective innovations launched to the offshore market in recent years. By using existing optical fiber as a network for Synaptec’s passive sensors, low-cost yet long range protection, monitoring and control of HV assets to transmission standards of accuracy, speed and reliability is now possible. This technology is now being deployed by TSOs to radically reduce the cost of monitoring complex HV networks, while saving millions in operating and capital cost.

For offshore wind, this has both short and long term benefits; in the short term it enables unit protection for multiple WTG strings for the first time, allowing operators to automate the response to faults, eliminating days of manual fault location and risk to SAP personnel who no longer need to go offshore to locate faults. Long term, it enables streaming analytics data provided by hundreds of sensors in new locations, giving unprecedented views of anything from overheating terminations and transformers to entire system power quality assessments, real-time dynamic line rating and even fault location.

Synaptec, MD, Philip Orr said:

“Germany is an international leader in offshore wind deployment and technologies, and a hotbed of innovation in this sector. Synaptec’s wind instrumentation technologies stand to revolutionise the way offshore arrays are monitored and controlled, and we look forward to deploying and piloting our products in collaboration with Germany’s innovative operators.”

Saul will be presenting Synaptec’s entry to the audience at the Offshore Wind Conference on the 3rd April 2019, alongside three other entrants, with the winner chosen by a live electronic vote.

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