Synaptec has announced a new collaboration with CONDIS SA, world leader in manufacturing high and medium voltage products, which will give network operators easier access to advanced technology around digitalisation and protection.

CONDIS is a well-established world leader in the development and manufacturing of high and medium voltage products and solutions for use in electrical infrastructures. Enjoying a strong reputation among its international customer base, CONDIS’ network is a major springboard for Synaptec’s technology to quickly expand its geographic reach. In the near future, CONDIS and Synaptec will further extend their offer thanks to the co-development of new solutions for HV applications.

Synaptec has developed a completely unique and patent-protected sensing technology which leverages existing optical fibre networks for distributed and passive sensing with unprecedented efficiency and reach. Synaptec’s products address the market’s need for real-time, reliable and cost-effective protection, control and automation of critical power system infrastructure at unprecedented range. By providing scalable and affordable visibility and control of complex, inaccessible, distributed power systems, Synaptec’s technology facilitates the integration of renewable energy and helps embracing the cost savings of automation and digitalisation.

Together, CONDIS and Synaptec become a major force in digital Metering & Protection for MV and HV applications in the transmission, distribution and power generation segments.

Per H. Dybwad, CONDIS’ executive chairman said of the partnership:

“We want to leave customers free to adopt the most suitable and cost-effective option according to their specific needs. To this end, we are fully in line with the latest IEC 61850 standard requirements with proven interoperability of our solutions with major providers of secondary equipment.”

From a project’s first stages to the commissioning of the devices at the customer’s facilities the partnership offers bespoke solutions and a high level service to customers. Philip Orr, managing director at Synaptec added:

“Through our partnership with Condis we are able to bring our unique technology to the wider transmission, distribution and power generation sectors. As the industry is placed under increasing pressure to provide solutions to our growing energy crisis our work with Condis offers operators unparalleled advice how our respective products can deliver the long-term solutions they need.”


CONDIS is a world leader in the development, customization and production of high & medium voltage products and solutions for use in worldwide electrical infrastructures and other high-voltage applications. Throughout the past over a hundred years, CONDIS has been providing the grid with the most innovative, efficient and reliable medium and high-voltage products and solutions. CONDIS initiates strategic alliances and invests continuously in research and development in order to maintain its leading position. Headquartered in Rossens, Switzerland, the company also has a representative office in Shanghai as well as agents in several countries.