Energy tech innovator Synaptec has been announced as one of a handful of successful awardees of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, a win which will enable the company to offer in depth data and analytics to the global energy industry.

The Glasgow-based company had to present a detailed case to the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund which is operated by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which focused on proving how Synaptec’s technology can deliver advanced electrical measurement and monitoring services – something which as yet has not been achieved with technology presently available to the energy sector.

Synaptec’s technology uses existing fibre optic cable found within the majority of electrical networks – from offshore wind arrays to transmission lines – and uses sensors placed on the cable to measure electricity using only light. These remote measurements identify anomalies and changes which indicate faults and imbalances on electrical power networks, enabling faster response and repair times for energy network operators.

Synaptec’s success will see the commencement of a two-year project, titled SAPPhIRE, supported by consultancy from the Carbon Trust, to demonstrate the novel capabilities of deploying 30 sensors across a 60 km radius of network and hence the creation of a unique data platform. Such a platform will give utility companies like SSE, Scottish Power and National Grid a cost-effective way to understand, in real time, what’s happening across the energy network and, ultimately, greater control to ensure stability and security of supply.

Managing Director, Philip Orr said:

“Advanced measurement and data insights are held back in the energy sector by the sky-high costs of traditional techniques, but as we progress towards more diversified energy generation, greater visibility of those networks is a necessity. Being selected for the Energy Entrepreneurs Award by BEIS is a significant recognition of both the need for and potential of our unique platform.”

This latest award comes shortly after a successful investment funding round for Synaptec, who received £2.9 million from Foresight Williams, the Scottish Investment Bank, Equity Gap and the University of Strathclyde, to develop their electrical sensing technology, expand their manufacturing facilities and develop their team.