The only zero-power, zero-maintenance monitoring solution for HV cables.

Only Synaptec can reach up to 60 km / 37 miles to provide multizone faulted section identification for up to five cable sections with only one IED.

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Challenges in mixed circuit protection

Targeted and dependable faulted section identification is costly and complex when underground cables and overhead lines are mixed to create hybrid circuits. This is due to the requirement for civil works, power supplies, GPS clocks and telecommunications access needed by conventional and optical instrumentation at cable transition points for unit protection.

With one fibre, Synaptec can create multiple protected sections in series or in parallel up to 60 km / 37 miles from the substation.

Our solution

Synaptec’s unique passive sensor technology allows synchronous and dependably accurate instrumentation of multiple locations over unmatched distances. This is ideal for faulted section identification in hybrid circuits, where cable transitions are often too remote or inaccessible for traditional or optical instrumentation to reach.

Synaptec’s Refase™ system installs easily to deliver reliable and secure faulted section identification in multiple cable sections, either in series or in parallel, to ensure safe Auto-Reclose (AR) functionality for overhead transient faults, while blocking AR for underground faults.

Cable Fault Detection

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