Centralised protection and monitoring of transmission substations

As the transmission system operator of the Norwegian power system, Statnett owns and operates the country’s entire transmission grid.

Following extensive discussions with Statnett’s engineers, Synaptec adapted its technology in order to resolve multiple challenges in one system: simplified busbar protection, reducing the use of copper wiring, reducing the size and complexity of substations through digitalisation, providing shadow protection schemes during upgrades of ageing protection hardware in substations, reducing scheduled outages from months to days, improving safety, robustly withstanding extreme changes in weather conditions, and automating the condition monitoring of critical HV assets such as transformers.

Having worked closely with Statnett’s engineers in the first instance to establish their particular needs, Synaptec took only nine months to plan, test and install a bespoke, highly effective system which improved functionality, reduced human intervention, slashed outage times by weeks and added new asset monitoring functionality for greatly reduced cost and far less equipment than is traditionally needed.

For more information on this project, please contact us or download the case study.

Download Statnett Case Study

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