Overhead line sag and dynamic rating

Automated monitoring of line sag and temperature

  • Our sensors measure strain, vibration and temperature directly on live conductors
  • All measurements are time synchronised
  • Optionally measure current or voltage at the ends of the line
  • Sensor lifespan 25 years+
  • Sensors require no periodic recalibration
  • No ongoing maintenance – no batteries or electronics
  • Sensor operational temperature range -40°C to +250°C
  • We work in partnership with leading fiber installers to deploy the solution

Synaptec’s line sag monitoring system offers a reliable, fully passive, line sag and real-time thermal rating solution

Synaptec’s line sag solution deliverables

  • Detecting ice loading on a cable or overhead line at up to 60 km / 40 miles from substation
  • Provides time-synchronized temperature, vibration and strain measurements
  • Works where there is no access or power (e.g. remote locations, extreme cold, or deserts)
  • Live Synthesis dashboard – Early warning of ice build-up and sag

Why the Synaptec solution is different

  • All sensors are passive – no power supply or telecoms equipment
  • All measurements are time synchronized
  • We measure current, voltage, temperature, vibration, and strain
  • Sensor lifespan 25 years+
  • All voltage levels compatible up to 500 kV
  • Sensors require no periodic calibration
  • No ongoing maintenance e.g. batteries or electronics
  • Sensor operational temperature range -40°C to +250°C
  • Uses standard single mode fibre
  • Safer fitting and operation due to optical isolation of all sensors

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