Synaptec Webinar Series: Panel discussion – Enabling multi-zone, digital protection with SSEN

13 October 2021

Wednesday 15 October, 2021 at 3pm (BST)

Please join us for our free webinar at 3pm (BST) on Wednesday the 13th of October, to learn more on how our technology can passively instrument cable sections in hybrid circuits.

Accurate, reliable and real-time protection is vital for maintaining integrity and continuity of service on power networks. This can be challenged by the increasing integration of large scale renewable generation projects which create multi-ended circuits because distance protection is no longer sufficient, but line differential protection schemes are challenging and expensive to deploy. In this webinar we will explain how we worked with UK based transmission operator SSE Networks to

  • significantly reduce the cost and complexity of protecting multi-ended lines which result from new connection to existing circuits
  • establish 61850 interoperability between multiple IED vendors
  • deliver a single-ended but wide area monitoring system covering branches running 20 km and 30 km distant from the substation.

Panel discussion duration: 45 Minutes

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