Synaptec Offshore Wind Instrumentation – Webinar

08 December 2020

Learn how Synaptec’s unique passive sensor networks simplify and improve instrumentation for electrical protection and asset management in offshore windfarms.

Cable costs are still one of the industry’s biggest challenges. Synaptec are now starting to deploy systems which

  • Realise the maximum capacity from cables safely.
  • Limit damage and outages after a fault.
  • Diagnose the source of poor power quality injections within individual turbine components.
  • Provide early warning of termination overheating.
  • Provide early warning of imminent failure of power system assets.

In this webinar you can find out from Tom Morley, our Renewables business lead,  how Synaptec’s unique monitoring platform works, how safe and easy it is to retrofit to operational windfarms, and how all these operational benefits are achieved.

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Webinar broadcast date: 8 December 2020
14h00 GMT | 45 Minute session
09h00 New York | 14h00 London | 15h00 Paris | 15h00 Amsterdam | 15h00 Johannesburg | 18h00 New Delhi | 21h00 Singapore | 23h00 Melbourne