Subsea Cable Asset Management and Reliability forum- Virtual event

21-22 October 2020

Two-day exclusive virtual event and gain the fresh insights from the key industry experts from offshore wind farm operators, subsea cable installation companies, TSOs, UXO, cable manufacturers and experts in repair & maintenance, to learn how to augment cable integrity and manage cost during offshore projects.

On day two Thursday 22nd October, our Commercial Director Saul Matthews will present a case study on new techniques to avoid damage and premature cable ageing.

• Everyone wants to make cables last longer, avoid outages and replacements, and in day to day operation, unlock the maximum potential capacity of cables without causing damage.
• Synaptec are the only technology which is scalable and reliable enough
to do all of this across an entire windfarm, permanently and affordably.
• Benefit to operators; reduced outage, increased availability and lifespan
of HV assets, optimised O&M costs and ultimately, the insight to design-out the causes of PQ damage.
• Synaptec will explain how this works and what the benefits are.

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