Overhead line monitoring – Webinar

16 December 2020

Find out how Synaptec’s overhead line monitoring provides an unmatched range, reliability, and ease of installation, and delivers Real-Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) reliably over asset lifetimes.

True RTTR (Real Time Thermal Rating) / DCR (Dynamic Cable Rating)

  • Overhead lines are widely used to efficiently delivery power over vast distances.
  • As these assets are often in very remote or inaccessible areas, live monitoring is a challenge.
  • Due to considerable temperature variation from extreme head to cold, providing a single technology solution has been a challenge.
  • Unlock the maximum available capacity without causing damage to the line.
  • Allow for line maintenance to be highly targeted to problem areas.
  • Instant decision support to avoid damage to the line.
  • The ability to automatically de-ice the OHL to stop excessive ice build-up.

Learn how the Synaptec solution delivers:

  • Live dynamic line rating.
  • Real-time sag, vibration and temperature monitoring.
  • Current and voltage monitoring using the photonic transducers, correlated and timestamped.
  • Line load management delivering higher line availability.
  • Automatic alarms.
  • Power quality measurements using the Photonic CT or VT.
  • Instant detection of ice build-up (can allow for automatic de-icing).
  • Easy retrofit on existing cables using split-core sensors.
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Webinar broadcast date: 16th December 2020
16h00 BST | 15h00 GMT | 45 Minute session

08h00 Los Angeles |11h00 New York | 16h00 London | 17h00 Paris | 17h00 Amsterdam | 17h00 Johannesburg | 08h00 New Delhi | 23h00 Singapore