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Synaptec Ltd is a rapidly growing technology company providing unique solutions for the control, protection, and monitoring of power networks. Synaptec developed and manufacture the world’s first and only completely passive solution for distributed electrical and mechanical sensing, which delivers visibility and control of power systems and similar infrastructure at unprecedented speed, accuracy, range, and affordability. From our facilities on the edge of Glasgow’s city centre, our skilled engineers design, develop, build, calibrate and deliver our instrumentation systems to a range of global customers, including many of the leading power utilities.

The company is well-funded and enjoys a strong balance sheet, providing it with the working capital necessary to tackle large infrastructure projects.  We are pleased to include a number of supportive venture capital funds amongst our shareholders affording us rapid access to capital should it be needed. Synaptec’s board and advisory boards contain prominent technologists, power industry executives, and business leaders.

Products and technologies

Proven in mission-critical transmission protection applications, our technology is also used for real-time control and asset management, automating condition monitoring functions for infrastructure such as critical MV and HV assets which are remote or inaccessible. Through our unique combination of expertise in photonics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, and power system analysis, our patented technologies can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of customers operating the world’s most complex and modern power systems, offshore wind farms, and private industrial power systems such as railways. Our mechanical and environmental sensing systems are also finding applications in gas and water transmission infrastructure.

Synaptec’s patented optical sensing technology allows robust sensors measuring voltage, current, and mechanical parameters such as line sag, vibration, and temperature, to be deployed at any location on a power system, requiring only access to the existing fibre network in the vicinity of each sensing point. None of the other supporting infrastructure associated with traditional measurement techniques is required (e.g., power supplies, telecoms equipment, and GPS receivers). This vastly reduces the cost per measurement across a power network and enables sensing in previously unaffordable or inaccessible locations. Freedom from requiring infrastructure at the points of measurement dramatically increases the speed and ease of installation and removes a number of potential system failure points.

Quality and values

Synaptec fully recognizes that our customers depend on our products and services for mission critical roles within their energy networks. Our Integrated Management System has been embedded in our company since our formation. It ensures that we understand our customers’ needs and expectations and that our solutions meet or exceed them. It ensures that our team members know that they are responsible for quality, and have the training, tools, and capabilities to undertake their particular parts of our mission.

Our management system empowers our design and engineering teams to innovate and improve while providing thorough testing, comprehensive documentation and peer review to ensure such innovation does not introduce risk.

We think of each of our products as precision instruments. They are rigorously built following well thought out manufacturing procedures. Their build process and comprehensive pre-delivery testing and calibration are thoroughly documented with these records kept for the life of the product.

Our Integrated Management System is certified by Lloyd’s Register to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 standard, Quality Management Systems Requirements for both design and manufacturing. We are assessed by Achilles as part of certain customers’ procurement practices and welcome the oversight and challenge that such assessments bring as valuable inputs to our continuous improvement process.

Our core values are embodied in our Principles Manual and our ISO 9001 and Achilles certifications which you can download via the link below.

Download our ISO certificate & Principles Manual

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