We produce the world’s only passive electrical sensor networks for high voltage power system monitoring

Delivering actionable information to improve reliability and reduce operational cost

Light-speed power system protection and monitoring

The energy transition is challenging the power industry to accommodate new paradigms of flexible supply and demand, without reducing reliability or increasing costs. Scaling up real-time visibility and control is needed to manage this change reliably and economically, and this requires a new approach to power system instrumentation.

At Synaptec, we have responded to this challenge by developing our Distributed Electrical Sensing (DES) technology, a completely passive solution that requires no control power, data networks or expensive civil works at the point of measurement, which can be interrogated over long distances, and is highly secure.

This enables affordable, resilient, and granular instrumentation of remote, hard-to-reach circuits and assets, providing a powerful platform for wide-area synchronous measurements throughout power networks.

Sectors we support

Power grids

We offer advanced instrumentation solutions to our customers, enabling digital substations, wide-area protection and control, and automated condition monitoring.


We provide automated condition monitoring of critical generation assets to reduce outages, maximise availability, and improve safety.


Our technology enables condition-based maintenance of complex and remote electrical infrastructure in private power networks such as railways.

Technology solutions

You will find more details on the benefits of our technology, including videos, white papers, and case studies, by clicking through to the industrial sectors above. Alternatively, click on one of the links below to learn about some of the most popular distributed sensor applications.

Mixed circuit protection

Cable condition monitoring

Digitalising substations

Distributed power quality monitoring for offshore wind

Line differential protection for complex feeders

Wide-area monitoring

See how our DES technology is used for mixed circuit protection

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